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About the company

Litmashpribor LLC is one of the oldest and leading enterprises in Russia producing equipment and instruments for casting production. Its history is more than half a century old.

The first machine was produced in 1930, and up to the present time the enterprise produces molding machines in accordance with the sand-gravel mixture process, cold-resin-bonded mixture lines, as well as the instruments for land laboratories.
During this time, our company has gained a strong position in the casting industry market, developed its own successful business strategy, accumulated a unique professional experience both in the production of casting equipment and in relationships with our customers, large industrial Russian enterprises, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as enterprises in the CIS countries.
To date, one of the priority in our line of business is the production of casting equipment for cold-resin-bonded mixtures process, developed and manufactured at the enterprise since January 2007 and intended for use in casting workshops of individual, small-batch and batch production. All our products undergo strict quality control at all stages of production, so reliability, durability and efficiency of our products are the pride of the company.

The enterprise has mastered production of a progressively new equipment in terms of technological process and production automation:

  • Sand mixers for cold-resin-bonded mixtures with a capacity from 5 to 60 t/hour
  • sand reclamation units with a capacity from 6 to 15 t/hour
  • Pneumatic sand conveyor complex with a capacity from 6 to 15 t/hour
  • Filters with pulse blowing with a capacity from 5 to 60 m3/h

In modern production conditions, complex solutions are the most demanded. Since June 2016, the enterprise has seen the release of FK5 molding complexes, which have no analogues in Russia.

Our single screw mixers are designed for continuous preparation of cold-resin-bonded mixtures for production of molds and cores using the Alphaset process. Guaranteed durability, easy operation, constant availability of all components in the warehouse – this is not a complete list of the advantages of our mixers. Equipment for casting production by Litmashpribor LLC, in terms of its technical and operational characteristics, is not inferior to its imported counterparts, and in some elements, it exceeds them. A lot of our satisfied customers are already convinced of this. The company’s goal is to increase the volume of products, increase sales through promoting products both on the domestic market, to increase import substitution and by expanding the dealer network in the CIS countries.

Throughout our company’s existence, it has repeatedly been awarded various certificates and awards at international exhibitions. Our company also publishes articles in the “Liteyshchik Rossii” magazine.

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