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Предприятие ООО «Литмашприбор»

The company "Litmashpribor" LLC is the oldest and one of the leading enterprises in Russia for the production of equipment and devices for foundry production. Its history goes back more than half a century.

The first machine was manufactured in 1930 and to this day the company produces molding machines for the PGS process, HTS lines, as well as devices of land laboratories.
During this time, our company has gained a confident position in the foundry industry market, developed its own successful business strategy, accumulated unique professional experience both in the production of foundry equipment and in relations with our customers — large industrial enterprises of Russia, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as enterprises of the CIS countries.
Today, one of the priority areas of our activity is the production of molding equipment according to the HTS process, mastered and manufactured at the enterprise since January 2007 and intended for use in foundries of individual, small-scale and serial production. All our products undergo strict quality control at all stages of production, which is why the reliability, durability and efficiency of our products is the pride of the company.

The enterprise has mastered the production of equipment that is progressively new in the technological process and automation of production:

HTS mixers with a capacity of 5 to 60 t / h
sand regeneration plants with a capacity of 6 to 15 t / h
pneumatic sand transport with a capacity of 6 to 15 t / h
Filters with pulse purging with a capacity from 5 to 60 m3/h

In the conditions of modern production, complex solutions are the most popular. Since June 2016, the company has mastered the production of molding complexes mod. FK5, which have no analogues in Russia.

Single-screw mixers of our production are designed for the preparation of cold-hardening mixtures of continuous action for the production of molds, rods according to the Alphaset process. Guaranteed durability, ease of operation, constant availability of all components in stock — this is not a complete list of the advantages of our mixers. The equipment for the foundry production of Litmashpribor LLC is not inferior to its imported analogues in terms of its technical and operational characteristics, and in some elements it surpasses them. Many of our grateful customers have already seen this. The company aims to increase the volume of products, increase sales by promoting products both on the domestic market in the context of import substitution, and by expanding the dealer network in the CIS countries.

During its existence, our company has been repeatedly awarded at international exhibitions with various diplomas and award lists. Our company also publishes articles in the magazine "Foundry of Russia".

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