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Cutting machines: the diameter of the workpiece is up to 250mm.

The company "Litmashpribor" LLC carries out not only mechanical processing of metal, but also cutting of sheet and strip metal using guillotine scissors, and cross-cutting of rolled metal in the size of various cross-sections on modern band-sawing equipment.

Guillotine shears are used for transverse and longitudinal cutting of sheet metal. Longitudinal cutting is performed by several repeated cuts when the sheet is moved along the cutting line. Cross-cutting is carried out in one stroke of the knife. In this case, the width of the metal strip to be cut is determined by the size of the departure of the guillotine scissors, and the length of the product can be unlimited.

BAND SAWING MACHINES are designed for cutting workpieces made of various materials: structural, high-alloy, stainless and high-speed steels, light alloys and non-ferrous metals.

Procurement services for pepper cutting of rolled metal at the enterprise are performed using a band saw HBS-1321 VS.

Technological capabilities:

  • Processing area at 90°: O 330, 330×480 mm
  • Processing area at 45°: O 330, 330×395 mm
  • Belt movement speeds: smoothly 20-80 m / min
  • Working table height: 812 mm