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About the product

The maximum thickness of the processed metal is 8mm;
the maximum width of the processed sheet is 2500mm.*

Rolling of metal into a radius is an operation of deformation of the workpiece in a certain direction with the help of special equipment. All types of plastic, easily bendable metals can be rolled.

Metal rolling is carried out with the help of sheet bending machines (sheet bending rollers). The machines are very convenient in the production of blanks and parts of any complexity on it does not present any complexity.

The company "Litmashpribor" LLC has rollers of the following models: IB2222, and S-235A.

The rollers are designed for bending cylindrical blanks made of sheet material, it is also allowed to bend conical shells made of sheet material when they are equipped with an appropriate device. The principle of operation is the bending and rolling of sheet blanks in the rolls of the machine. The maximum thickness of the processed metal is 8mm, the maximum width of the sheet is 2500mm. The products obtained as a result of bending can be in the form of closed cylindrical shells and their elements. The main movements in the machine are the movements of the rolls: direct and reverse rotation of the side rolls, lifting and lowering of the upper roll.

The company "Litmashpribor" LLC is ready to offer you rolling works to order. The work is carried out on equipment that allows you to create parts of the highest level of complexity. We are ready to offer you prompt execution of large volumes of orders, as well as adequate prices for services.