Turning and carousel processing

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About the product

The diameter of the workpiece to be processed is up to 2500mm; the height of the workpiece to be processed is up to 1600mm.

Turning and carousel machines are designed for processing cylindrical and conical (external and internal) surfaces, drilling grooves, segments, processing end surfaces when processing large-mass products with a relatively small length compared to the diameter.

A distinctive feature of turning and carousel machines is the vertical arrangement of the spindle. At its upper end there is a faceplate on which the processed product is installed and fixed with the help of cams having radial movement. The product performs the main rotational movement, and the tool fixed on the caliper performs the forward movement of the feed.

The company "Litmashpribor" LLC has turning and carousel machines: KS-491, and 1512.

Turning and carousel machines KS-491, and 1512 can perform the following operations:

  • Grinding and boring of cylindrical and conical surfaces.
  • Grinding of end surfaces.
  • Cutting of grooves and a segment.
  • Drilling, countersinking and deployment of central holes.

The possibility of the KC-491 turning and carousel machine The maximum diameter of the workpiece: 2500 mm.
The maximum height of the workpiece: 1600mm.
The maximum weight of the workpiece: 16 t.
The diameter of the faceplate: 2250 mm.

The company "Litmashpribor" LLC is ready to offer you turning and carousel metal processing to order. The work is carried out on equipment that allows you to create parts of the highest level of complexity. We are ready to offer you prompt execution of large volumes of orders, as well as adequate prices for services.