Turning processing

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About the product

Maximum diameter 900mm, maximum length 2000mm

Turning is the cutting of external and internal surfaces of rotation, including cylindrical and conical, facing, cutting, chamfering, processing of galtels, cutting grooves, cutting internal and external threads on lathes.

Metal turning works from the company "Litmashpribor" LLC is the performance of any custom turning works for such regions as Lipetsk, Voronezh, Tambov, as well as for other regions. Turning works are performed on the following machines: 16K40, 1K62D, 1M61, 1A616, 1D63A, and DIP-500.

The work is carried out by experienced employees who have a high level of qualification. The specialists of our company will perform the work as efficiently and quickly as possible. We process and manufacture products made of cast iron, steel, stainless steel, as well as other metals.

Services provided:

  • turning of rotation surfaces of internal and external type;
  • honing cones;
  • grooving;
  • cutting the ends;
  • internal and external threading;
  • chamfering;
  • processing of galtels;
  • processing of ledges, as well as surfaces of conical, cylindrical, shaped, end type;
  • processing of holes by drilling, unfolding, countersinking and boring, etc.

The company "Litmashpribor" LLC is ready to offer you custom turning works. The work is carried out on equipment that allows you to create parts of the highest level of complexity. We are ready to offer you prompt execution of large volumes of orders, as well as adequate prices for services.