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shaft furnaces, chamber furnaces, HDTV installations

Heat treatment of metals and alloys is the heat treatment of metal products, in order to provide the necessary characteristics without interfering with their chemical composition.

However, the heat treatment of metals and alloys leads to a change in the structure and properties in a given direction. Litmashpribor LLC, located in Usmani, Lipetsk region, is ready to provide a service for the following types of heat treatment:

  • Quenching-gives the steel part greater hardness and wear resistance.
  • Tempering-reduces the fragility of parts, increases the viscosity and relieves internal stresses. Depending on the heating temperature, there are low, medium and high tempering.
  • Heat treatment (quenching and tempering) of simple-shaped parts (rollers, axes, chisels, cores).
  • Annealing of steel parts-to facilitate the mechanical or plastic processing of a steel part, reduce its hardness by annealing.

Heat treatment is a popular service in such areas as: Lipetsk, Voronezh, Tambov, Ryazan, etc. The company "Litmashpribor" LLC conducts heat treatment in compliance with all necessary modes, excluding the possibility of cracks, warping and other defects.

The thermal section of our enterprise is equipped with:

  • Mine furnaces;
  • Chamber furnaces;
  • By installing HDTV.

The vast experience of working on the thermal site of professional employees of the enterprise, while monitoring each stage of work, allows us to guarantee the highest quality of services provided.