Pressing of RTI

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About the product

Rubber baking presses (hydraulic): pressing force up to 160 tons
Screw presses:pressing force up to 160 tons

The company "Litmashpribor" LLC provides services of press equipment with the possibility of vulcanization on a hydraulic press.

The company has a hydraulic vulcanization press with a force of 160 tons, a model with 160-400 2E and a plate size; 600x600 mm is designed for the formation and vulcanization of products made of rubber and rubber-asbestos mixtures, as well as phenoplast.

The technological parameters of the presses allow them to be used not only for the production of rubber products, but also products made of various plastics and other molded materials.

Technical specifications.

  • Effort – 160 t. n.
  • The size of the heating plates is 600x600 mm
  • The distance between the plates is 250 mm.
  • The stroke of the hydraulic cylinder plunger is 500 mm.