Bending processing

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About the product

The maximum thickness of the processed metal is 4mm;
the maximum width of the processed sheet is 2000mm.

Editing, cutting and bending of sheet metal to order is one of the important activities of the company "Litmashpribor" LLC. This service is aimed at the production of solid parts and seamless-looking structures. Metal bending is a complex automated technological process for which modern equipment is used. The main advantage of this process in comparison with welding is the preservation of the properties of strength and resistance to corrosion.

The custom metal bending service provided by Litmashpribor LLC is distinguished by a high level of professionalism and efficiency of execution, while the cost of metal bending remains in an affordable range.

Bending processing is performed on a sheet bending crank press IV1330 with a force of 100t, L=2500 mm, bending thickness-6 mm .

  • Stages of sheet metal straightening and bending:
  • Cutting of sheet metal with the help of special equipment,
  • Giving the desired shape to a metal workpiece,
  • Control of compliance of the obtained result with a pre-set drawing,
  • Release of the main batch of parts.

The main principles of the company "Litmashpribor" LLC are the adequate cost of services, strict compliance with the deadlines for the delivery of the order, as well as serious quality control of the products produced.