Vibratory squeeze molding machines model 22112

Vibratory squeeze molding machines without turning half-moulds with subsequent final squeezing . 


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About the product

It is dsigned for manufacturing upper sandy-clay half-forms.

When using rollover stripping station , it is possible to manufacture lower half-moulds as well.

The machines can be used in the molding departments of foundries, small-scale and serial production plants.

Product design

The main components are: a shaking-press mechanism, a traverse, a rack, pneumatic equipment, a lubrication system, a control panel.

After installing the model support equipment on the machine table, a filling frame is installed and the flask is filled with a mixture. By pressing the "shaking" lever, the mixture is pre-compacted in the flask, after which the filling frame is removed. After shaking, the molding mixture is poured into the flask. Further technological operations are performed automatically. The operating mode lever is moved to the "automatic" position. The press traverse rotates to the working position. Shaking occurs with simultaneous pressing. After the time allotted for this operation has elapsed, the time relay gives the command to stop shaking with simultaneous pressing.
The press cylinder with the shaking table is lowered. In the lower position of the press piston, a command is given to remove the traverse to its original position, turn on the vibrator and lift the exhaust mechanism. The pins of the exhaust mechanism separate the compacted semi-mold from the model. The half-form is compressed, the pins are lowered to their original position.

Scope of delivery
The equipment is supplied with a set of spare parts and an operating manual.