Sand supply unit KPS6

The sand supply unit for supply of sand and other  bulk materials is designed for discharger of soft containers (Big-bags) , storage and replenishment of supply or intermediate bunker with a productivity of up to 6 t / h.

A distinctive feature of this unit is the constructive combination of a big-bag discharger, an intermediate bunker, a deaeration filter, an automatic control system and pneumatic sand conveyor. Combining the functions of discharger, storage and transportation allows one piece of equipment to organize the supply and additional storage of clean sand in the supply bunker. All operations, including replenishment and consumption of sand from the built-in bunker, take place automatically.

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About the product

The uninterrupted supply of sand to the sand mixer is very important for the normal operation of the entire molding section. The small volume of bunkers, the lack of a reserve, the absence of mechanized supply of sand has an extremely negative effect on the reliability and performance of the sand mixer.

KPS6 solves three main tasks: big bags dichager with clean sand, storage in a built-in bunker and supply into the sand mixer bunker.

This allows:

Eliminate the need for a person to climb onto the sand mixer hopper to cut bags and control residues
Have an extra supply of sand for the smooth operation of the sand mixer
Use bunkers of increased volume due to the absence of the need to leave a place on top for manual dischager of bags (at least 2 meters)
Free up lifting equipment resources
Free up space in the sand mixer work area and improve logistics by moving the sand storage area to a convenient location
Reduce dust in the working area of ​​the mixer

Equipment features:
Operational reliability
Easy to maintain
High performance
Fully automatic operation
Using a sensor system for complete control of the work process

Standard complete set:
Pneumatic sand conveyor
Bunker combined with a dischager of flexible containers (Big-bag)
Sand flow branching system for automatic switching between receiving and storage hoppers
Deaeration filter
Control panel with touch screen, electrical and pneumatic automation systems
Corner pieces - 3 pcs.
Hopper level sensor (upper) - 1 pc.

Bulk materials are transported along a pneumatic line by means of compressed air (working pressure 4-8 atm.). The pneumatic pipeline is made of steel pipes and can include vertical and horizontal sections, bends and branches.