Pneumatic sand conveyor UR3.3

The equipment for the transportation of bulk materials using compressed air with a productivity of up to 3 t / h.

Pneumatic sand conveyor is an excellent alternative to belt conveyors and bucket elevators, allowing you to easily transport bulk materials through pipes in both horizontal and vertical planes. Due to the ease of laying the routes, the pneumatic transport will easily fit into the existing one and will ensure the compactness of the equipment arrangement in the new production facilities.

The use of Pneumatic sand conveyor (pneumatic chamber pump) for transporting clean and reclaimed sand is the best solution in modern foundries.

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About the product

Pneumatic sand conveyor UR6.3 with a capacity of up to 3 t / h is designed to automate the process of transporting bulk materials (sand) from the storage area to the supply bins. The movement of material occurs through the pipeline under the influence of compressed air. Thanks to a sealed pipeline transport system, a number of indisputable advantages over other transport systems are achieved:

Possibility of transportation both in vertical and horizontal planes
Laying of routes with turns and branches
Lack of dust along the track
No moving parts of the track and minimal maintenance

With the help of installations of various capacities, it is possible to organize a network for transporting bulk materials (sand) throughout the workshop. For example, the transportation of clean and reclaimed sand through the foundry: from fresh sand bins, reclaim units, intermediate bins to intermediate and feed bins of high-speed mixers.

Equipment features:
Operational reliability
Easy to maintain
High performance
Low power consumption
Compactness of installation
Fully automatic operation
Using a sensor system for complete control of the work process

Standard complete set:
Pneumatic sand conveyor
Corner pieces - 3 pcs.
Hopper level sensor (upper) - 1 pc.
Control panel with touch screen, electrical and pneumatic automation systems

Product design:

Pneumatic sand conveyor is a welded pressure vessel. There are two vibration level sensors installed in the tank, which control the operation cycles of the installation. If the sand level in the pneumatic conveyor is less than the minimum, the inlet valve opens and the tank is filled. When the maximum level is reached, the inlet valve closes and the dispatch cycle begins. During the sending cycle, compressed air is supplied to the chamber until the low level sensor is triggered and the vessel is empty. After the sending cycle, a deaeration cycle begins, in which the supply of compressed air to the container is stopped and the residual pressure is released. In the future, the cycles are repeated. The work of pneumatic transport also includes control of the upper level of receiving bins, switching of poppet valves, control of the inflation system, with a branched or long route.