Model 029

The installation laboratory model 029, climatic version of UHL, placement category according to GOST 15150-69, is designed to separate the sand base of molding sands into fractions by grain size and is used for work in land laboratories of foundries and central factory laboratories.

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About the product

Components of the installation

  • The frame is used for mounting all the installation units.
  • The cover is the bearing part of all transmission mechanisms.
  • The table is designed to install a set of sieves that serve to determine the grain composition of sand.

The principle of operation of the installation

The rotational motion from the electric motor is converted by means of a backstage into a reciprocating motion and is transmitted to the table with sieves by means of an eccentric shaft. The installation is enabled using the "Start" button. The time relay automatically turns off the installation after fifteen minutes. The sieves are shaken by means of a pusher, the movement of which is transmitted by a cam, which rotates due to a conical pair.
The part of the suspension (sand base) remaining after the clay component is soaked is dried and placed on the upper grid of the set of sieves. A basin is installed under the lower sieve, the upper sieve is closed with a lid. The assembled set of sieves is installed on the table and fixed. The operating mode is semi-automatic. After sieving, the entire test sample is divided into twelve parts (11 sieves and a basin). Each of the parts is weighed separately with an accuracy of 0.01 grams and multiplied by two. The obtained values are expressed as a percentage of the weight residues on each sieve in relation to the entire initial weight of 50 grams.

The unit is delivered partially disassembled with an operating manual. An installation with a smaller number of sieves is supplied on request (the sieves numbers are specified in the contract). In this case, the installation must be equipped with a device for installing screens in height for an additional fee.