Model 01315M

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About the product

The apparatus for determining the clay component model 01315M is designed to determine the clay component according to GOST 23409.18-78 and for the preparation of suspensions and solutions in the laboratories of molding materials of foundries, central factory laboratories and research organizations.

The principle of operation of the installation

In accordance with the method of determining the clay component by the accelerated method, a sample of the mixture is separated from a sample weighing 20 grams, placed in a glass, topped up with 300 cm3 of water and boiled for five minutes. Then the contents of the vessel are transferred to the glass of the device and 200 cm3 of water is added. The glass with the test liquid is installed at the top of the rack in a special socket. At the same time, the toggle switch is pressed and the microswitch is turned on, which does not allow the device to be switched on without the glass installed. The maximum mixing time is ten minutes, set using a time relay. After removing the glass and washing the sand particles from the mixer with water, the device is ready for the next test.

Components of the device

The device consists of a base with a stand. At the top of the rack is a platform with an electric motor, closed with a lid. The electric motor rotates the mixer shaft with impellers, through which the liquid is mixed.