Model 5033A

The laboratory coper model 5033A is designed for the production of standard samples of mixtures according to GOST 23409.6-78 when determining the physical and technological properties of molding materials and core mixtures in shop, factory laboratories, as well as in laboratories of research organizations.

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About the product

Components of the machine

The rod moves in the guide holes of the frame. Inside the rod there is a cavity filled with shot to adjust the mass of the moving parts of the copra. A cracker and a striker are fixed on the rod. A cam is mounted on the cracker, with the help of it, the load is lifted and dropped, freely moving along the rod. A lever is attached to the frame, which is used to raise and lower all the moving parts of the copra. In the lower part of the frame there is a hole for installing a sleeve with a pallet or a rod box with a mixture attachment. The copra bed is attached to a tuning fork base, which is necessary to dampen vibrations that occur during operation. There are risks in the upper part of the copra bed that allow determining the height of the compacted sample.

The principle of operation of the installation

The principle of operation of the copra is to seal the suspension of the molding or rod mixture with a triple impact of a load of a given mass (6.35 ± 0.015) kg, dropped from a height of (50 ± 0.25) mm.