Model 02212

The device is designed to determine the crumbling of molding and rod mixtures according to GOST 23409.9-78 and formability according to GOST 23409.15-78.

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About the product

Main nodes:

  • Power exciter
  • Device for fixing the test samples


The principle of operation of the installation:

Determination of formability: From the sample selected for testing according to GOST 23408-78 by the scooping method, select a weight of 200 g and place it in the middle of the drum. Set the operating mode switch to 10 seconds, press the "Work" button. The mixture passed through the mesh wall of the drum should be weighed. The tests are carried out on three hangers. Processing of results according to GOST 23409.15-78.
Determination of crumbling: The method is based on determining the value of the mass loss of the sample in the raw, dried and cured state when it rubs against the walls of the mesh drum. During the tests, the samples are prepared according to GOST 23409.6-78. The sample is weighed, then placed in the central part of the drum, which is rotated when testing raw samples for 30 seconds, dry samples for 60 seconds. The sample is removed and weighed again. The tests are carried out on three samples. Processing of results according to GOST 23409.9-78.