Sand reclamation URM3

The sand reclamation is designed for knocking out casting molds molded according to the no bake technology, followed by crushing of the pieces and mechanical regeneration of the foundry sand for further reuse. Thanks to its compact dimensions, ground-level installation, and fully assembled delivery, installation and commissioning is as easy as possible and will not be difficult even in existing foundries. Productivity up to 3 t / h. is able to provide sand mixers with productivity  up to 10 t / h with reclaimed sand, and the already installed pneumatic transport of sand will allow you to quickly and cost-effectively organize the return of reclaimed material to the receiving bins.

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About the product

The sand reclamation is designed for dry abrasion (mechanical regeneration) of sand molds and rods bound with resin, crushing of sand lumps remaining after casting removal to the required grain size, cooling and dust removal for reuse in subsequent technological cycles. The blade of the knock-out grate has a size of 1000x1000 mm and a maximum carrying capacity up to 500 kg, the productivity of the equipment  is up to 3 t / h. The equipment does not require a pit, has a compact design and a low loading height. The equipment set already includes pneumatic transport.

Equipment features:
Placing equipment at the zero mark
Single frame
Mechanical removal of metal inclusions
High percentage of reclaim recovery
High performance
Operational reliability
Easy to maintain
Compactness of installation

Composition and principle of operation of the installation

The sand reclamation is a complex consisting of several parts that perform various functions:

Shakeout machine

Lumps of sand with casting come to the upper grate of the scrubber, after removing the casting, due to vibration created by two electromechanical vibrators, the sand is crushed and ground to the required grain size

Hood umbrella

When connected to an aspiration system, it reduces dust in the knockout area and improves working conditions for the operator


Serves for transporting sand from the scrubber to the classifier

Cooling-dust removal unit (classifier)

In the fluidized bed, the regenerate is cooled and dust is removed to the aspiration system

High pressure fan

Creates a fluidized bed in a cooling-dust removal plant

Pneumatic chamber pump

Feeds the reclaimed sand into the storage hopper

Electrical cabinet

Provides control and interconnected operation of all units of the installation in automatic mode