Shakeout machine URM12.1

The shakeout machine is designed for knocking out molds made using the technology of cold-hardening mixtures with subsequent destruction, crushing and scrubbing of clods to a fraction of 1.5 mm. The machine makes it possible to facilitate the process of knocking out, to prepare the spent mixture for transportation, further regeneration or disposal. Due to the use of several meshes with different mesh sizes, the machine mechanically removes scrap and other impurities.The productivity  of this equipment is up to 12 t / h.

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About the product

The shakeout machine can be supplied as an independent piece of equipment or as part of the URM12 regeneration complex. When using the installation as an independent unit of equipment, the tasks of knocking out, grinding and dry abrasion of cold-resistant mixtures with the removal of scrap and impurities are achieved. After passing through the installation, the spent mixture can be transported by pneumatic transport for further processing or disposal.

The blade of the knock-out grate has a size of 2545x2045 mm and a maximum lifting capacity of 2000 kg, the productivity of this equipment is up to 12 t / h.

Placing equipment at the zero mark
Mechanical removal of metal inclusions
High performance
Operational reliability
Easy to maintain
Aesthetic design

The principle of operation of the installation

The plant consists of a welded receiving hopper with three rows of horizontally arranged gratings with different mesh sizes. After removing the casting, lumps of sand enter the upper grate (deck) and, due to vibration generated by two electromechanical vibrators, pass through the sieves and are crushed to the desired size of sand granules, which is ensured by the fixed size of the slots in the lower grate with wedge-shaped grates. The machine body is mounted on buffers providing vibration damping up to 95%. Parts subject to intense wear are made of wear-resistant steel.