Continuous Sand Mixer S105

High-speed single-arm continuous sand mixer with productivity from 2 to 5 tons of molding sand per hour. The sand mixer can be used for molding basic shapes, as well as for the manufacture of cores using the no bake process.

As standard, the sand mixer is supplied on a stand with a slewing bearing, a control cabinet and a two-slide sand dispenser with the ability to set 3 working programs.

High-quality mixing, reliable design, combined with good performance will make this mixer the main working tool in both the molding and core sections.

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About the product

The  sand mixer is designed for the preparation of cold-hardening mixtures for the production of molds and cores. Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the foundry. The machine makes it possible to automate the process of preparing a mixture of no bake process and mechanize its supply to the molding and rod equipment, eliminate labor-intensive operations and improve the quality of the mold.

Supported chemical processes:
Alpha set (basic delivery)
Liquid glass
High performance
Easy cleaning
High strength steel blades
Operational reliability
High precision pumps for chemical components
Setting and fast switching of 3 programs

Product design:

The design of the mixer provides for the presence of a screw chamber and a high-speed rotating auger mounted on a rack with a slewing ring bearing.
The principle of operation of the mixer is to quickly mix the sand with the liquid components supplied to the screw chamber and unload the finished mixture into the mold from the screw chamber.
Frequency controlled dosing pumps ensure accurate and even delivery of binders.
The arrangement of mixing blades, made of wear-resistant steels, allows to achieve the maximum service life with the lowest possible indicators for the consumption of the used binders.