Continuous Sand mixer S110

Continuous screw sand mixer allows to provide preparation from 3 to 10 tons of mixture per hour. Due to the adjustable performance, the mixer can be used to manufacture a wide range of molds and rods from cold-hardening mixtures.

The standard delivery of a sand dispenser with four gates allows you to quickly change the composition of the mixture and use clean, reclaimed sand and their mixtures.

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About the product

The sand mixer is designed for the preparation of cold-hardening mixtures for the production of molds and cores. Mixers of this design make it possible to significantly facilitate the manufacture of large molds due to the possibility of supplying the finished mixture to any point of the mold. Due to the block design, the mixer has many modifications that allow it to adapt to any technological process and satisfy any customer's wishes.

Optional hardener pump - allows fast and slow hardener to be used without interruption
Additional water pump - the possibility of increasing the moisture content of the reclaimed sand
Flowmeters for chemicals - the ability to adjust the survivability of the mixture over a wide range
Aspiration of the unloading area - improving the working conditions of the operator
Low sand sensor - informing and protecting equipment from working without sand
Dispenser for bulk additives - the ability to use bulk modifiers of the mixture
Main drive from geared motor
Replaceable carbide tipped blades
Control and configuration by industrial controller and operator panel
Sand batcher with 4 flaps
Frequency controlled high precision metering pumps
Heated pump cabinet
Control from the molder's console with the ability to switch programs and the "Pause" mode
Alpha set (basic delivery)
Liquid glass
Pep set
Operational reliability
Easy to maintain
High performance
Aesthetic design
Long range
High performance
Possibility of flexible adjustment of the composition of the mixture according to the productivity and the amount of binders
The mixer design provides for the presence of one auger chamber with a high-speed rotating auger.
The principle of operation of the mixer is to quickly mix the sand with the liquid components supplied to the screw chamber and unload the finished mixture into a mold.
The arrangement of mixing blades made of wear-resistant steels using tungsten carbide plates allows to achieve the maximum service life with the lowest possible indicators for the consumption of the used binders.