Molding complex FK5

The molding complex model FK5 is designed for the preparation of cold-hardening sand mixtures for  the no bake process, and their supply to the molding and core equipment, followed by compaction on a compaction table (molding). The system is configured for productivity from 2 to 5 tons of sand per hour.

The equipment already includes all the necessary components for organizing the molding section, namely a mixer, a compaction table, and a feed hopper. It is supplied completely assembled and configured, which allows organizing the molding or core section in the shortest possible time, minimizing preparatory work and eliminating problems with the installation and joining of the component parts of the section.

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About the product

Molding complex with productivity from 2 to 5 t / h. of molding sand, is the embodiment of modern trends in mechanical engineering and foundry. Thanks to the common frame, the complex is easy to transport and install. The structure assembled and tuned by the manufacturer guarantees quick commissioning, well-coordinated operation of all components, centralized setting and monitoring of process parameters. The use of a double hopper allows you to easily use reclaimed sand, and the sensor of the lower and upper level allows you to protect the mixer from emergency operation without sand and overflow of the hopper, as well as notify the operator in time about running out of sand. Outlets for pneumatic lines and aspiration make it easy to connect the complex to the appropriate systems and provide automatic supply of sand and reclaim with dust removal from the bins.

Many carefully thought-out features make this complex an excellent choice for modern foundries.

Complex composition:
Auger mixer driven by a geared motor and opening with a "book"
Roller vibration table with pneumatic cushions and frequency control of vibration motors
Dispenser with two pneumatic dampers
Frame with transport systems
Double hopper of sand and reclaim with sensors of the upper and lower level, connections for connecting pneumatic lines and aspiration
Electrical cabinet with controller, frequency converters, touch panel for setting up the complex
Reagent cabinet with pumps, filters and pneumatic dampers

Supported chemical processes:
Alpha set (basic delivery)
Liquid glass

Modular design
High performance
Easy transportation and installation
Everything you need in the basic configuration
Easy cleaning
High strength steel blades
Operational reliability
High precision pumps for chemical components
Setting and fast switching of 3 programs