Molding complex FK2

This complex is a portable continuous mixer mounted on a common frame with a hopper, control cabinet, chemical tanks and a compressor. The design of the complex assumes three options for use:

Rod mixer

Small and medium cast molding mixer

Mobile mixer for chromite sand

Due to its compact size, the unit allows easy integration into the confined conditions of existing workshops, as well as transporting it using an overhead crane or forklift and performing molding in a suspended state.

Due to its excellent technical characteristics, ease of maintenance and affordable price, this model will help you to start mastering the no bake  technology easily and at no extra cost, and will also become a reliable working tool in the forming area.

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About the product

The installation is a mixer with a capacity of 0.5 to 2 tons of molding sand per hour with all the necessary infrastructure. Launching the complex in operation requires only filling with consumables and plugging it into an outlet. This allows you to start working on the equipment within one hour after receiving, without preliminary preparatory work and foundations. The complex of this design makes it possible to significantly facilitate the manufacture of small forms and cores.

In the conditions of modern production, the most demanded are complex solutions. The molding complexes of our company are delivered assembled and ready to work.

Application area:
Rod section
Forming area
Platsevaya molding section

High performance
Operational reliability
Easy to maintain
Aesthetic design
Block execution

Product composition:
High speed screw mixer
Frame combined with a sand bunker and a big bag discharger
Electrical cabinet with controller and frequency converters
Bunker low level sensor
Dosing pump cabinet
Resin and hardener containers
Air compressor
Power cable 30 meters
Stand for stationary placement
Supported chemical processes:
Alpha set (basic delivery)
Liquid glass

Principle of operation:

The principle of operation of the mixer is to quickly mix the sand with the liquid components supplied to the screw chamber and unload the finished mixture into the mold from the screw chamber. The mixing auger is made of wear-resistant steel to achieve maximum service life with the lowest possible consumption of binders. The modular design of the equipment eliminates the need for assembly and installation work.