Compaction table VSP 2500

The VSP 2500 compaction table is designed for compacting casting molds from sand-resin mixtures and increasing its fluidity. The compaction  table is an important component of the no bake process along with screw mixers. Thanks to the use of a compaction  table, the fluidity of the mixture increases and a uniform compaction occurs, which in turn greatly affects the crumbling, surface quality, formability of complex geometry and undercuts.

Compaction tables of this type have a flat table top and imply the installation and removal of forms by lifting mechanisms.

The maximum carrying capacity of the vibrating table is 3000 kg.

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About the product

The structure of the compaction table consists of a base and an independent vibrating platform installed on it. Vibration isolation of the platform from the base is carried out using rubber dampers or pneumatic cushions, this minimizes the transmission of vibration vibrations to the foundations and maintains the amplitude. All models of compaction tables of our company are equipped with frequency control of vibrators, which allows using the compaction table in a wide range of form masses, without the phenomenon of bouncing. The use of the compaction table activation pedal frees the operator's hands for forming and greatly simplifies the use of the equipment

Compaction tables with flat tabletops have two installation options:

At zero point - For installation without arrangement of pits (reduction of capital costs for installation and acceleration of installation)

In the pit - The most convenient installation method for operation, allows you to position the tabletop at floor level and move freely along it (Large volume of construction and installation work)

Equipment features:
For vibration isolation of the vibration platform, rubber dampers or air bags are used
The vibration frequency is regulated by a frequency converter with an external regulator
Designed for tough foundry environments
Vibration frequency adjustment
Vibration isolation of the vibration platform
Operational reliability
Easy to maintain
Aesthetic design