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Model 5033А

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The laboratory sand rammer, model 5033А, is intended for the production of standard molding samples according to GOST 23409.6-78, when determining the physical and technological properties of molding materials and core sand mixtures in workshops, factory laboratories as well as in research institution laboratories.

Machine components

A rod moves in lead holes of a bed. A space filled with shot inside the rod serves for movable parts weight adjustment of the impact testing device. A slide block and a striker are mounted to the rod. A jaw is attached to the slide block, which serves for lifting and discharge of weight moving freely over the rod. A lever is mounted to the bed which is used for lifting and discharge of all movable parts of the impact testing device. The hole in the lower part of the bed serves for installation of a specimen tube with a mold base and a tensile сore box with a weighed mixture. The impact testing device bed is mounted to the tuning-fork base which serves for vibration dampening during operation. Guide marks on the upper part of the bed serve for determining the height of the compressed sample.

Operation principle of the machine

The operating principle of the impact testing device of weighed portions of mold and core sand mixtures involves compacting the mixture by a three-fold impact of a load with a specified mass of(6.35 ± 0.015 kg), which is thrust from a height of (50 ± 0.25 mm).

Technical specifications:
Weight of thrust load, kg 6.35±0.015
Height of load thrust, mm 50±0.25
Movable parts weight (without load), kg 2.5±0.05
Cycle duration, max. sec 60
Specified service life, min. years 6
Specified no-failure operating time, cycles 105
Overall dimensions
Length, mm 285
Width, mm 225
Height, mm 530
Impact testing device weight, kg 23
Impact testing device weight, completed with tuning-fork base, kg 77