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Attrition unit UR-12.1

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It is intended for reclamation of waste molding and core cold resin-bonded (self-hardening) mixtures for further use in foundry production.

Litmashpribor LLC offers your enterprise mold shakeout machines which operate using Alpha-set and Furan-procedures, followed by sand clump shredding and molding sand mechanical reclamation.

The mechanical reclamation system allows to remove the binder from quartz sand grains using sand mixture mechanical grinding. During reclamation, the binder is broken down producing dust which is then removed by the dust collection system.

The mechanical reclamation process includes mold shakeout, sand clump shredding, sand mixture mechanical grinding, reclaimed sand cooling and dust removing.

Litmashpribor LLC offers reclamation units of various capacities, taking into account the individual specificity of the foundries.

Technical specifications:
Capacity, tons/h up to 12
Load carrying capacity, tons up to 2
Shakeout grating size, mm 2045×1970
Loading height, mm 1230
UR12.1 overall dimensions
Length, mm 4240
Width, mm 2320
Height, mm 2035
  • Positioning the equipment at the ground level
  • Mechanical removal of metallic inclusions
  • High percentage of reclaimed product output
  • High capacity
  • Operating reliability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Installation compactability
  • Elegant design