The FRCP2 model

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About the product

Cyclone type bag filters with a pulse regeneration system are designed to purify the air from industrial emissions-dusts and aerosols. This type of filters has proven itself well in foundries for removing dust and relieving excess pressure in bunkers from the operation of pneumatic transport.

The filter has 2 stages of cleaning:

  • Cyclone inlet that separates up to 80% of dust, including abrasive particles.
  • Filter hoses that purify the air to a residual concentration of 2-20 mg/m3.

The filter has a built-in mechanism for regeneration (cleaning) of filter hoses by pulsed purging with compressed air. The pulse purge is controlled automatically by a digital programmable controller with an LCD display, which allows you to quickly and flexibly adjust the parameters of the regeneration of hoses.
The arrangement of the honeycomb-shaped sleeves in the filter housing allows them to be placed more tightly and get a filter of higher performance with smaller dimensions.
The compressed air pulse is carried out by imported solenoid valves with a long service life: at least 10 срабат actuations.
The dusty air inside the filter moves from top to bottom, which reduces the dust load on the filter cloth, reduces the risk of dust sticking to the sleeves and facilitates their regeneration.