The FRP-5 model

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About the product

The capacity of the purified gas is 4850 m3/hour.
The FRP-5 bag filter with a pulse regeneration system is designed to purify air from industrial emissions-dusts and aerosols formed during the operation of enterprises with a temperature of no more than 135°C and a moisture content that excludes condensation of moisture in the filter, non-aggressive, non-toxic types of dust with a particle diameter of at least 0.5 microns.

The scope of the filter is:

  • Metallurgical and steel industry enterprises
  • Enterprises of the metalworking and machine-building industry
  • Enterprises of the furniture and woodworking industry
  • Enterprises of the cement industry and producing construction materials
  • Food industry enterprises, etc.

Climatic version-UHL4 according to GOST 15150-69, filter regeneration systems-UHLZ.
According to the fire hazard, the filter corresponds to the Gn category according to NPB 105-03.

The FRP-5 filter implements the principle of filter regeneration by purging with compressed air. This method of regeneration has significant advantages over other methods of filter regeneration and allows you to achieve a better quality of cleaning the filter material and, as a result, ensure more optimal operation of the aspiration system and reduce energy consumption during the operation of the aspiration system.