Model FP10

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About the product

The filter is designed for cleaning freshly extracted vegetable oil from non-fatty impurities, separating waxes after freezing (winterization), bleaching oils, as well as cleaning lacquers based on vegetable oils. Filtration is carried out through a pre-washed sediment layer or a perlite layer.
Filtration surface 10 m2

Scope of application

  • Primary purification of vegetable oils;
  • Secondary purification of vegetable oils in winterization lines in order to remove waxes;
  • Selection of the catalyst in salomass production plants;
  • In the bleaching lines of vegetable oils;
  • Filtration of beer, juices, varnish and other liquids.

Advantage over frame filters:

  • No filter cloth is used;
  • Automated sediment discharge (vibrosbros);
  • No oil loss;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • The final product meets the European quality.