The international exhibition "Litmash, Russia 2021"

The international exhibition "Litmash, Russia 2021" was once again held in Moscow, in which, according to good tradition, our company "Litmashpribor" took part with great pleasure.

Judging by the number of people, the pandemic and the associated restrictions on such events played a role. People have missed exhibitions of this magnitude.

This time, it was decided to present the following pieces of equipment:

-Modular molding machine MFM 1200

-Molding complex FK2

-Compaction table VS300

And also a range of devices for foundry laboratories. Among them: devices for determining gas permeability, tensile strength, crumbling, moisture, as well as hardness testers.

It is good news that both regular customers and new companies are interested in our products, whose representatives, with great interest, discussed the operation of the equipment, asked questions and received comprehensive answers to them.

Of course, the limitations associated with COVID19 cannot be ignored. The absence of a number of competitive foreign companies revealed a number of problems with the purchase, supply and maintenance of foreign equipment, which once again proves the need for even more and more global development, and support for domestic production. And we, representatives of the Litmashpribor company, are ready to develop and present competitive domestic products of European quality.

Also, it is worth emphasizing the practical importance of exhibitions, participation in which helps to establish new economic relations between companies with each other.

The international exhibition