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Model 22111M

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Jolt squeeze molding machine without half-molds turning followed by final squeezing. This machine is intended for clay bonded molds manufacturing with 500×400 mm mold boxes in foundry workshops of serial production.

Field of application

Foundry workshops of serial production.

Product design:

Main components: jolt squeeze mechanism, traverse, column, pneumatic equipment, lubrication system, control panel.

Jolt squeeze mechanism located inside the bed performs the following operations: jolting, simultaneous jolting and squeezing, jolting with following squeezing, pattern drawing.
Molding sand squeezing in a mold box is produced in jolt mode by mutual collision of a jolting table and a ram. During simultaneous jolting and squeezing a squeeze piston upstrokes.
After pressing a mold box to traverse squeeze head squeezing is produced due to ram strokes over a jolting table. This squeezing mode is the most effective.
After simultaneous jolting and squeezing a squeeze piston downstrokes. When the squeeze piston is in the lower position a squeeze traverse moves back and drawing mechanism steps up automatically. Drawing mechanism pattern disengages squeezed half-molds from a pattern due to draw pins lifting. A half-mold is removed, pins are descended back.

Operation mode is semiautomated, step-by-step

Technical specifications:
Mold boxes clear dimensions, mm 500х400
Mold boxes height, mm 200
Load carrying capacity, t 0.2
Molding force, kN 49
Compressed air operating pressure, MPa 0.59
Overall dimensions, mm 1200х1000х1590
Weight, kg 1590
Scope of supply
The equipment is supplied with spare parts kit and operations manual.