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Model 09722

The specimen tube, model 09722, is intended for the determination of rammability and bulk density according to GOST 23409.13-78. The specimen tube operation principle is the production of a sample for the mixture which is poured into the tube and squeezed with the impact testing device.


A specimen tube consists of the actual tube and a mold base. A mold base is used as a specimen tube bottom when it is filled with mixture. The specimen tube is used in molding materials workshops and factory laboratories and research institutions laboratories.

Technical specifications:
Inner diameter, mm 50±0.025
Surface hardness, HRC ≥49
Inner surface roughness, μm Ra≤0.4
Specified no-failure operating time, cycles 5х104
Specimen tube dimensions:
Diameter, mm 57.9
Specimen tube height, mm 100-0.35
Specimen tube weight without a mold base, max. kg 0.5
Controlled parameter for determination of specimen tube unserviceability:
Value out of range of the permissible limit values for specimen tube inner diameter 50.025 mm