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Model 09730

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The tube filler, model 09730, is intended for filling the 09722 or 09721 model specimen tube with molding sand during determination of rammability and bulk density as well as permeability and strength of mold and core mixtures. This tube filler is used in molding laboratories of foundry workshops, central laboratories of enterprises and research institute laboratories.

Unit operation principle

Tube filler main components: the base to which the table is fastened with the racks, there is a hole on the table, into which the tube filler is inserted, and a sieve with mesh No. 8 or No. 2.5 is placed on it. When using a sleeve model 09721 with a height of 120 mm, a 20 mm support is installed on the base, and if 100 mm high sleeve model 09722 is used, a 40 mm support is installed. In terms of resistance to climatic effects, the tube filler corresponds to NF design of 4.2 placement category according to GOST 15150-69 accordingly.

Complete units:
Tube filler model 09730, pcs 1
Products included in the kit and cost of the tube filler:
Replacement parts (pcs): sieve 1 support 1
Supplied upon special order at additional cost:
Sleeve model 09721, pcs 1
Sleeve model 09722, pcs 1
Technical specifications:
Sieve inner diameter, mm 155
Mesh number according to GOST 3826-82 №8, №2.5
Tube filler overall dimensions, mm
Diameter 240
Height 402
Weight, max. kg 5