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Model 062М3

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The unit for accelerated moisture testing, model 062M3, is intended for drying molding samples during moisture testing in factory laboratories as well as research institute laboratories.

Unit component parts

The unit consists of a metal base, on which laboratory electronic scales are installed with a maximum weighting limit on a load carrier of up to 300 g. A tiltable metal housing is fastened above the load carrier, in which a halogen heater is located. An electrical heat-resistant cord is connected to the rear wall of the housing, on which a two-position halogen lamp switch is located.

Unit operation principle

The unit is switched on by pressing “ON” button. Scales should show the “0” number on the display, otherwise, press “ON” button again. During operation, an empty container (aluminum cup) is installed on the load carrier of the electric scales. “Zeroing” of the container is performed by pressing the button. Put 10-20 g sample in the container; press the button 2 times to activate the percentage mode. Turn on the halogen lamp by the two-position switch on the cord, which is conventionally considered to be the beginning of heating (drying the sample). A stabilized value of % moisture on the display is considered to the end of heating.

Technical specifications:
Sample weight, g 10-20
Weight measurement error, mg 10
Moisture measurement error, % 0.1
Calibration weights (total), g 300
Lamp power, W 150
Operating temperature, оС 150±10%
Drying time, min up to 10
Mains supply current type AC
Current frequency, Hz 50±1
Voltage, V 220±10
Unit overall dimensions, mm
Length 295
Width 200
Height 270
Unit weight, max. kg 6.0