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Model 04315М

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The compressor-type permeability determination unit, model 04315M, is intended for permeability determination for wet sands and wet, dry and hardened samples of molding and core sand mixtures. The unit is used for molding materials and mixtures used in workshop and factory laboratories and research institutions laboratories.

Operation principle

The unit operation principle is based on measuring the pressure drop created by the compressor, associated with the passage of air through the sample.

The process is fully automated and is controlled by only by two buttons. Measurement accuracy and ease of use of the unit are achieved due to the modern electronics and pneumatic circuit with automatic measurement mode selection.

High-precision electronic sensors in combination with pressure-feeding equipment made it possible to stop using massive bells and measuring scales. After an essential redesign of the unit, its overall dimensions were reduced by several times.

Technical specifications:
Measurement range No.1, gas penetrability units 30-300
Absolute error, from 30 to 300 ±5
Measurement range No.2, gas penetrability units 300-1000
Absolute error, from 300 to 1000 ±20
Overall dimensions, mm 235x190x175
Weight, max. kg 5,5
Power voltage, V 220
Power voltage frequency, Hz 50
Power consumption, W 20