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Model 04315

The bell-type permeability determination unit, model 04315, is intended for permeability determination for wet sands and wet, dry and hardened samples of molding and core sand mixtures according to GOST 23409.6-78.
The unit is used for molding materials and mixtures used in workshop and factory laboratories and research institute laboratories. In terms of resistance to climatic effects, the unit corresponds to NF design of 4.2 placement category according to GOST 15150-69.

Operation principle and components of the unit.

The unit operation principle is based on air passing through the test sample and fixing the pressure drop under it.

A tank is fixed on the column of the unit, inside the tank there is a tube which is the air duct, and at the same time a guide when lowering the basket. The basket is thoriated by weight and creates a constant pressure of 980.7 Pa (100 mm w.c.).
Distilled water poured into the tank serves as a water seal.
Air passing through the nipple enters the sample and passes through it. The resulting pressure drop under the sample is transferred to the reservoir with tinted liquid, which enters the manometer calibrated in units of gas permeability.
2 nipples are supplied with the unit: DN 0.5 mm and DN 1.5 mm. The nipples are calibrated so that the passage of 2000 cm³ of air under a pressure of 980.7 Pa through a 1.5 mm nipple is 30 s, and 270 s for passage through a 0.5 mm nipple.
The manometer scale is calibrated for each nipple separately.
If the gas permeability is less than 50 units, use a nipple with DN 0.5 mm.

Technical specifications:
Measurement range, gas penetrability units 30-300, 300-1000
Air pressure under the basket, Pa (mm w.c.) 980±9.8 (100±1)
Absolute error in the measurement range:
From 30 to 300 gas penetrability units ±15
From 300 to 1000 gas penetrability units ±50
Overall dimensions, mm:
Length 240
Width 336
Height 470
Unit weight, max. kg 18