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Model 02212

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The unit is intended for determination of friability of molding and core sand mixtures according to GOST 23409.9-78, and moldability according to GOST 23409.15-78.

Main components:

  • Force actuator
  • Tested samples fixation device

Unit operation principle:

Moldability determination: Take a 200 g sample from the sample selected for testing according to GOST 23408-78 using the scraping method, and place it in the middle of the drum. Set the mode selector to 10 s, press the “Work” button. Weigh the mixture that has passed through the mesh wall of the drum. Tests are carried out with three samples. The results are processed according to GOST 23409.15-78.
Friability determination: The method is based on determination of weight loss of the sample in a wet, dried and solidified state when it is rubbed against the walls of the mesh drum. When testing, samples are prepared according to GOST 23409.6-78. The sample is weighed, then placed in the central part of the drum, which is rotated for 30 s when the samples are wet, and for 60 s when the samples are dry. The sample is removed and weighed again. Tests are carried out with three samples. The results are processed according to GOST 23409.9-78.

Technical specifications:
Drum rotation frequency, rpm 60 ±5
Drum diameter, mm 110
Mesh number according to GOST 3826-82 2.5
Drum rotation time, s
-when determining moldability;
-when determining friability of wet samples
-when determining friability of dry samples

Mains supply current type AC single-phase
Voltage, W 220
Current frequency, Hz 50
Maximum power consumption, W 40
Overall dimensions, mm 440х345х250
Weight, kg 9.5