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Model 029

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The 029 model laboratory unit, of NF climatic category and placement category in compliance with GOST 15150-69, is intended for the separation of sand base according to grain size and is used in operations in soil laboratories of foundry workshops and central laboratories of enterprises.

Unit components

  • The bed serves for assembling all components.
  • The cover is a load-bearing part for all transmission gears.
  • The table is intended for installing sand testing sieves which serve for the determination of sand grain composition.
Operation principle of the unit

Rotational movement from the electric motor is converted to reciprocating movement by a link and is transferred to a table with sieves by an eccentric shaft. The unit is switched on by a Start button. A time switch automatically switches the unit off after fifteen minutes. The shaking of sieves is produced by a pusher, which is driven by a jaw that in turn rotates due to a bevel gear and pinion.
The weighed portion part (sand base) remaining after clay bond washing is dried out and placed onto the upper sieve screen. A basin is placed under the lower sieve, the upper one is closed with a cover. The assembled nest of sand testing sieves is installed onto the table and fixed. The operation mode is semiautomatic. After sieving the whole tested sample is divided into twelve parts (11 sieves and one basin). Each part is weighed separately with an accuracy of 0.01 g and the value is multiplied by two. Obtained values are expressed as a percentage of weighing remnants on each sieve in relation to the whole initial 50 g weighed portion.

The unit is supplied partly disassembled, with an operating manual. Upon special order, the unit can be supplied with a fewer quantity of sieves in a nest (sieves numbers are stipulated in the agreement). In this case the unit should be completed with a sieve height adjustment device.

Technical specifications:
Sieves oscillations number, rpm 300±15
Ram strokes number, strokes per minute 180±10
Sieves quantity in a nest, pcs 11
Operation mode Semiautomated
Screening time, min 15
Mains supply current type alternate tree-phase
Frequency of periods, Hz 50
Voltage, V 380
Electric motor power, kW 0.37
Quantity of electric motors, pcs 1
Length of unit, mm 690
Width of unit, mm 360
Height of unit, mm 700
Weight of unit, kg 80