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Model 026

Sieves are intended for sand base screening during the determination of granulometric composition, fineness modulus and average grain size of sand base grain in soil laboratories of foundry workshops, scientific research institutes and central plant laboratories.

Sand base screening is performed on a rotational-jolting unit providing 300±5 rotations of an eccentric and 180±10 ram strokes per minute or on vibration unit providing sieves vibration with oscillations amplitude 0.1-1.0 mm and frequency 50 oscillations/sec. N climatic category, 4 placement category according to GOST 15150 — 69.

Technical specifications:
Inner diameter, mm 200
Sieves numbers 2.5/1.6/1.0/0.63/0.4/0.315/0.2/0.16/0.1/0.063/0.05
Sieves quantity in a nest, pcs 11
Numbers of sieves entering a nest According to GOST 23409.24-78
Height of a nest of sand testing sieves (with a basin and a cover), mm 395
Weight of a nest of sand testing sieves 2.5