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Model 01315М

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The clay bond tester, model 01315М, is intended for clay bond determining according to GOST 23409.18-78 as well as suspensions and solution preparation in molding materials laboratories of foundry workshops, central laboratories of enterprises and research institute labs.

Unit operation principle

The clay bond determination method involves the accelerated method, a 20 g sample is separated from the mixture sample, placed in a glass, 300 cm3 of water is added and boiled for five minutes. The contents of the vessel are transferred to the cup of the unit and 200 cm3 is poured. The cup with the test liquid is placed at the top of the column in a dedicated slot. At the same time, the toggle switch is pressed, and the microswitch is turned on, which prevents the unit from being turned on without a cup installed. The maximum mixing time is ten minutes; the time is set by a time relay. After removing the cup and flushing the sand particles from the mixer with water, the machine is ready for the next test.

Unit component parts

The unit consists of a base with a column. At the top of the rack, a platform with an electric motor is installed and closed with a cover. The electric motor drives the mixer shaft with impellers, through which the liquid is mixed.

Technical specifications:
Nominal capacity of the glass, cm3 1000
Maximum mixing time, min 10
Operation mode semiautomatic
Nominal electric motor power, kW 0.12
Rotation frequency, rpm 14000
Mains supply current type AC single-phase
Voltage, V 220
Current frequency, Hz 50
Overall dimensions, mm
Length 195
Width 150
Height 530
Unit weight, max. kg 3.0