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S110 continuous operation mixer

Continuous operation high-speed single-hose mixer with a capacity of 3 to 10 tons of molding mixture per hour. This mixer can be used both for molding semi-molds, and for making rods in the XTC process.

Litmashpribor company has the capacity to manufacture for your enterprise, a continuous operation high-speed single-hose mixer S110.

The mixer is intended for preparation of cold-hardening mixtures in the production of molds and rods. Mixers of this design make it possible to greatly facilitate the manufacturing of large molds due to the possibility of feeding the finished mixture to any point of the mold. This equipment is an analogue of the Spartan 210 model of Omega company.

Field of application:

The mixer can be used in foundry workshops of individual, small-scale and serial production, using the Alpha-set and Furan-process.


  • Reliability in operation
  • Easiness in maintainability
  • High capacity
  • Elegant design
  • Large working radius
  • Equipment capacity from 5 to 10 tons per hour
  • The equipment has the ability to change the capacity and change the composition of the mixture.
program 1) 5.2 tons/hr – 100% fresh quartz sand, 1.6% resin (from sand)/21% hardener
program 2) 6.1 tons/hr – 100% fresh quartz sand, 1.4% resin/21% hardener
program 3) 9.4 tons/hr – 30% fresh quartz sand, 70% regenerate, 1.6% resin/21% hardener and 0.1% water
program 4) 7.8 tons/hr – 15% fresh quartz sand, 85% regenerate, 1.6% resin/21% hardener and 0.1% water

Product design:

The mixer design provides for a single auger chamber made of wear-resistant 8mm thick steel, and a high-speed rotating auger.
The principle of operation of the mixer is the rapid mixing of the sand with the liquid components fed into the auger chamber and the discharge of the finished mixture into the mold from the auger chamber.
The arrangement of mixing blades made of wear-resistant steel with the use of carbide-tipped plates, enables the blades to reach the maximum service life with the minimum possible usage indications on used binding medium.

Technical specifications:
Type of unit continuous operation mixer
Capacity, tons/hour from 5 to 10
Auger motor power, kW 4
Sleeve rotation angle, degree 270
Dimensions of the control cabinet, mm 880х340х1740
Auger rotation speed, rpm 540
Service zone radius, mm 1700
The height of the unloading funnel above the foundation level, mm 1500
Cabinet weight, kg 150
Mixer weight, kg 810
Litmashpribor LLC has the capacity to offer a range of single-hose mixers model S-100 with a capacity of 3 to 30 tons per hour.
Specifications and dimensions of S-100 single-hose mixers
Model Capacity Sleeve length (mm) Power (kW) Overall dimensions (mm)
S105 5 1400 3 2800х650х1950
S110 10 1705 4 3000х780х2720
S115 15 1800 5 3100х780х2950
S120 20 1970 11 3100х780х2950
S130 30 2020 18.5 3350х780х2950