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S210 continuous sand mixer

Double-arm sand mixer with a capacity of 3-10 tons per hour and the 3 meters second arm. The second arm allows to enhance service zone substantially and to feed mixture to desired position that simplifies large molds forming.
The mixer is intended for preparation of cold binder-bonded mixtures during molds and cores production.

Litmashpribor LLC offers S210 continuous high-speed double-arm sand mixers with screw sand feeding in the first arm for your enterprises.

The mixer is intended for preparation of cold binder-bonded mixtures during molds and cores production. Sand mixers of this design enable facilitating of manufacturing of large molds due to the possibility of the finished mixture to any point of the mold.

Field of application:

The mixer can be used in foundry workshops of individual small-scale and serial production using the Alpha-set and Furan-processes.


  • Operating reliability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • High capacity
  • Elegant design
  • Large operating radius
  • Equipment capacity from 3 to 35 tons per hour
  • The equipment has the ability to change the capacity and change the mixture composition.
  • Example: 1) 5.2 t/h — 100 % of fresh quartz sand, 1.6 % binder (of sand)/21 % of solidifying agent 2) 6.1 t/h — 100 % of fresh quartz sand 1.4 % binder/21 % of solidifying agent 3) 9.4 t/h — 30 % of fresh quartz sand, 70 % of reclaimed sand, 1.6 % binder/21 % of solidifying agent 0.1 % of water 4) 7.8 t/h — 15 % of fresh quartz sand, 85 % of reclaimed sand, 1.6 % of binder/21 % of solidifying agent and 0.1 % of water
  • Number of programs can be increased according to customer requirements
Product design:

The mixer design provides for two tube mixing troughs made of wear-resistant 8 mm thick steel and a high-speed rotating screw. The operation principle of the mixer is rapid mixing of the sand with the liquid components fed into the tube mixing trough of the second arm and the discharge of the finished mixture into the mold from the tube mixing trough. The integration of mixing beaters made of wear-resistant steel enables to reach the maximum service life with used bonding components minimum flow-rate.

Technical specifications:
Unit type continuous sand mixer
Capacity, tons/hour 5-10
Screw motor power, kW 4
Pumps quantity, pcs 4
Screw motor power, kW 0.43
Arm 1 rotation angle, degree 270
Arm 2 rotation angle, degree 300
Control cabinet dimensions, mm 1725х860х450
Screw rotation speed, rpm 540
Arm 1 service zone radius, mm 1700
Arm 2 service zone radius, mm 3000
The height of the discharge funnel above the foundation level, mm 1500
Litmashpribor LLC offers a range of S-200 double-arm sand mixers with a capacity of 3 to 30 tons per hour.
S-200 double-arm sand mixers technical specifications and overall dimensions
Model Capacity Arm No.2 length (mm) Arm No.1 length (mm) Power (kW) Overall dimensions (mm)
S210 10 1750 3000 6.2 5360х1200х3060
S215 15 2100 3000 7.2 5710х1200х3060
S220 20 2300 4000 13 6180х780х3150
S230 30 2350 4000 21.5 6300х780х3150