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Attrition unit URM 3.1

It is intended for reclamation of waste molding and core cold resin-bonded (self-hardening) mixtures for further use in foundry production. The unit can be used in foundry workshops of individual, small-scale and serial production. Litmashpribor LLC offers your enterprise mold shakeout units which operate using Alpha-set and Furan-procedures, followed by sand clump grinding and molding sand mechanical reclamation. The attrition unit URM 3.1 is intended for dry attrition (mechanical reclamation) of sand molds and cores bonded with resin, and for grinding sand clumps remaining after removing the casting, to the required size of sand grains as well as removing the resin film from the sand. PDFBrochure
Technical specifications:
Capacity, tons/h up to 3
Load carrying capacity, tons up to 0.5
Size of shakeout grating, mm 1000×1045
URM 3.1 overall dimensions
Length, mm 1350
Width, mm 1880
Height, mm 990
  • Positioning the equipment at the ground level
  • Mechanical removal of metallic inclusions
  • High percentage of reclaimed product output
  • High capacity
  • Operating reliability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Installation compactability
  • Elegant design
Principle of the unit operation This unit is made up of a welded receiving tank with three rows of horizontally positioned gratings with different mesh sizes. After removing the casting, the sand clumps are transferred to the upper grating (deck) and, due to vibration created by two 2.7 kW IV-23-16 electromechanical vibrators, passing through sieves and are ground to the required sand grain size that is provided by a fixed size of the lower grating slots with wedge bars. The unit housing is made of four rubber bumpers providing a vibration dampening of up to 95 %. Parts exposed to heavy abrasion are made of HARDOX450 wear-resistant steel with НВ 425-475 hardness units. The unit application allows multiple use of mold and core sand mixtures in foundry workshops for castings production from ferrous and nonferrous metals and solves the issue of mixture disposal and reducing casting costs.