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VS10000 compaction table

Compaction table is intended for squeezing of foundry molds and cores made of sand-binder mixtures in small-scale and serial production

Litmashpribor LLC can manufacture standard or custom-made compaction tables intended for squeezing and shrinkage of molding sand prepared using cold-binder-bonded mixtures procedure.

Compaction table is equipped with frequency converter for the adjustment of vibrators rotations. Compaction table is manipulated from a control cabinet. Compaction table can operate either by itself or integrated with a cold-binder-bonded mixtures sand mixer. In the latter case compaction table is controlled by an equipment set located in a combined control cabinet.

Main advantages of the compaction table are:
  • Foundry molds quality improvement
  • High capacity
  • Operating reliability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Oscillation frequency adjustment
Technical specifications:
Maximum load capacity, kg up to 10000
Quantity of vibrators, pcs 2
Vibrator type Electromechanics IV-94-16
Electric motor power, kW 7.00
Working surface dimensions, mm 2000х3000
Compaction table overall dimensions, mm 3200х2200х875
Compaction table mass, kg, not more than 3650