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Model FRP-10

Gas purification capacity of 9700 m3/hour. The sleeve filter, model FRP-10, with a gas purification capacity of 9700 m3/hour and a pulse regeneration system is designed to purify air from industrial emissions of dust and aerosols generated by operating under humidity and a max. temperature of 135°С and eliminates condensation in the filter, non-aggressive and non-toxic types of dust with a particle diameter of at least 0.5 μm.

Field of application:

  • Metal and steel industry enterprises
  • Metalworking and engineering industry enterprises
  • Furniture and woodworking industry enterprises
  • Cement industry and construction materials producing enterprises
  • Food industry enterprises, etc.
NF4 climatic category according to GOST 15150-69, filter regeneration systems – NFЗ.
In terms of fire hazard, the filter corresponds to categories Gn according to NPB 105-03.

The FRP-10 filter implements the principle of filter regeneration by blowing with compressed air. This method of regeneration has significant advantages over other filter regeneration methods and enables achieving a better quality of filtering material purification and consequently providing more optimal operation of the dust-exhaust system and to reduce energy consumption during operation of the dust-exhaust system.

Technical specifications:
Gas purification capacity, max. m3/hour 9700
Filtering surface area, m2 91.6±0.5
Mass concentration of dust at the input, max. g/m3 50
Hydraulic resistance, max. Pa 1800
Underpressure in the filter, max. MPa -0.005
Ambient input temperature, max. ºС 135
Air pressure released during regeneration, MPa 0.35-0.6
Load per unit area on fabric, max. m3/m2 х minute 1.76
Purification degree (specified), max. % 98.0
Number of filtration sleeves, pcs 108
Sleeve diameter, mm 135
Sleeve length, mm 2000
Power consumption, max. kW 0.5
Overall dimensions of the filter housing, length х width х height 3990х2040х4360
Filter weight, t 2.5