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Equipment for mold production and cold-resin-bonded mixture reclamation

One of the similar ways of casting into sand molds is to cast aluminum into the ground, in this case, the cost of a kilogram of such a casting will be quite small. This process is successfully used at many factories. If the quality is not good enough, the castings can be used to create rough workpieces, which should further be completely processed. When using this processing technology, the costs are quite high, almost all surfaces of the part must be processed with at least 5 mm allowance. During the processing, air pockets and pores are often opened which are caused by mixtures in the metal, which make the tools unfit. There are two options: either a half-treated part is welded by the machine, or the part is simply rejected because of the large number of defects that appear.

Better quality and more accurate surfaces are obtained when using the casting process to form molds based on cold-resin-bonded mixtures. With sufficient accuracy of LT4 and roughness from RZ80, it is possible not to perform additional processing of the parts’ surface. When still required, the allowances can be from 1 to 3 mm. A more technologically advanced surface is a surface with the least possible amount of “excess” metal in the casting. In this case, a thin and light casting has a high density, thereby making it less likely that shells and pores will be opened during treatment. It should be noted that the casting cost per kilogram will differ, but a small weight of casting allows the casting cost comparable to the cost of casting in the ground.

As it is known, the price per kilogram of casting into molds of cold-resin-bonded mixtures exceeds the price for casting in the ground. For a wide range of cast parts, this particular casting method is preferable, taking into account the much smaller amount of rejected parts, long-term tool life, and the shorter period necessary for manufacturing a spare part.

To strengthen the mixtures, carbamide, carbamidofuran, phenolofuran binders, as well as a catalyst, are added to the composition of cold-resin-bonded mixtures. The catalyst for mixture hardening is organic and inorganic acids, such as: benzosulphonic, orthophosphoric or nitric acids.

When applying the cold-resin-bonded mixtures technology in the process, heat drying of the cores may not be used.

About us and our products.

Litmashpribor LLC is amongst the oldest enterprises in Russia, producing a wide range of products, focused mainly on the mechanical engineering segment, highly valued both in our country and abroad.

The first machine was produced in 1930. After the Soviet Union ended, the factory together with the whole country faced difficulties as a result of the transition period. Ownership forms changed, until the company acquired an image under which it is now known in the world market of equipment for the casting industry. The company produces up-to-date molding machines for sand-gravel mixture process, cold-resin-bonded mixtures lines, as well as instruments for land laboratories. Currently, the company stands as a leader in the Russian market.

A wide range of products.

Our company has always been known for producing casting and molding machines 9127BM, 22111M, 22112, 22113 and 22114 (size of mold boxes from 400×500 to 800×1000). The casting equipment are also include the 2B83 core sand-blasting machine with a core volume of 4 cubic decimeters and 44124 shot-blasting machine with a capacity of 125 kg per minute.

To date, the company has successfully developed progressively new equipment in regards to the manufacturing process and automation of equipment production that meets both the national strategy for import substitution and international quality standards. For example, we can mention cold-resin-bonded sand mixers for cold-resin-bonded process with capacity from 1 to 60 t/h (we are talking about the model range of single-arm mixers S-105, S-110 and S-115, etc., as well as a range of two-arm mixers S-210, S-215 and S-220), which can save your expenses and increase your production capacity.

FK5 molding complex is relatively new for our factory, positioned as a modern integrated solution which has been produced since June 2016. For a rather short period of time, it went from the prototype into the rank of serially produced equipment due to its high demand for production of cores and molds for small and medium-sized castings. It should be noted that interest in the FK5 arose due to its significant advantages.

Consider the following:
  • The complex is delivered fully assembled;
  • It is completed with imported accessories;
  • Does not require commissioning works;
  • Easy to install and operate;
  • Does not require installation supervision;
  • Has a compact design.

Litmashpribor LLC is also ready to offer our clients equipment which have no analogues in Russia. We are talking about the KPS-6 sand conveyor complex, which is designed for big bag discharging, sand storing, as well as for replenishing sand feed tanks over sand mixers using the UR6.3 pneumatic sand conveyor complex included in the structure.

The list of advantages of KPS-6 is also quite impressive:
  • Ability to work in fully automatic mode with FK5 molding complex;
  • Does not require commissioning works when delivered with FK5;
  • Easy to install and operate;
  • Does not require installation supervision;
  • Has a compact design;
  • Replaces 4 equipment units.

Our enterprise continues to produce mechanical sand reclamation systems, which can significantly reduce the cost of casting. UR6, UR12 and UR15 models are capable of returning up to 95% of used sand to the production cycle, and their capacity varies from 6 to 15 tons per hour.

The pneumatic sand conveyor produced by Litmashpribor LLC is not inferior to imported analogues in terms of its technical characteristics. Pay your attention to model UR-6.3, quite widespread and appreciated by our customers. Our customers know the advantages of this equipment:
  • Reliability.
  • Easy operation.
  • Full process automation.
  • Possibility of route branching.
We are ready to offer the pneumatic sand conveyor complex with a capacity from 6 to 15 t/h, (model UR6.3, UR10.3, UR12.3 and UR15.3). By using our equipment with various capacities, it is possible to easily organize a sand conveying network throughout the casting workshop: from reclamation units, cooling bins, fresh sand tanks to sand mixers and other tanks.

It is also worth noting the possibility of manufacturing sleeve filters with a pulse regeneration system designed to purify air from industrial emissions of dust and aerosols generated under a max. temperature of 135 °C. In our catalog, these are FRP-5, FRP-10 and FRP-15 models and others. These type of filters have proven to be useful in casting workshops, where our customers actively use them to remove dust from regeneration units and shot-blasting machines. Linear series is quite diverse in capacity, from 5 to 45 m3/h.

The FRTsP series is also very widespread. These are sleeve cyclone dust filters. Their direct purpose is to purify air in casting workshops during the removal of dust, and to relieve the excess pressure in the tanks coming from the operation of the pneumatic sand conveyor complex.

Get acquainted with the advantages of our company’s filters:
  • Durability
  • Heat-resistant sleeves
  • Automatic self-cleaning
  • Can be installed outdoors.
We are not revealing a big secret in stating the fact that: modern production is impossible without constant monitoring and analysis of the mixture quality at all stages of production. Laboratories in the casting production play quite an important role in achieving the expected results, including:
  • Obtaining high-quality castings.
  • Monitoring of input raw materials.
  • Process stability.
  • Saving raw materials.
What do we offer for this? Use the full line of instruments for land laboratories. This range of machines can determine:
  • Grain composition of sand.
  • Clay bond of sand.
  • Mixture strength.
  • Gas penetrability.
  • Hardness of molds.

The range of products isn’t over; you can always get acquainted with the full list of products by visiting our website http://uzlo.ru/, where the equipment catalog is constantly updated.

In our operations, we continue to set priorities such as increasing the output, improving technological and operational characteristics of the equipment, as well as increasing sales with active product promotion on the domestic market and by expanding the dealer network in the CIS countries and beyond.

(Published in the “Liteyshchik Rossii” magazine, No. 10, 2016.)